The Musanze caves were formed by the volcanic activity which created a two kilometer long underground caves that formerly provided shelter to the indigenous forest dwelling Batwa pygmies.

The Musanze caves are located in Volcanoes National Park. A visit to the caves can be done after gorilla tracking or golden monkey tracking. It is an excellent add on activity. Visitor experience to the caves is enabled by the walking trails, stairs which lead tourists into the interior of the caves a home to large colony of bats.

The Musanze caves give an understanding of the geology that led to its formation and the history of the Batwa pygmies as well as how it was used to be a hiding place during the 1994 genocide. In addition the wide entrance is covered by green plants good for photographs. The interior of the caves is quite dark with bats and dripping waters.

Packing list when Visiting

Visitors to the caves should dress up in helmets with headlight, rain coats, hiking boots, long pants and long sleeved shirts. Guides lead tourists into the dark interior. Visitors will use lamps to see the former sitting rooms and corridors of the Batwa pygmies. Your guide will explain the how the local people attach value to the caves.

What to Expect
The entrance is large about 10 km wide allowing easy entrance marked by holes that allow arrays if light to shine inside. Bats and small reptiles such as lizards make it their home.
Visitors can book for the cave exploration through the Rwandan Development Board.

There are lodging options near the caves
Sabinyo silverback lodge, la bamboo gorilla lodge, virunga lodge and many more.

Getting There
Getting to Musanze caves takes 90 minute drive from Kigali to kinigi Volcanoes National park headquarters. Tourists who stay in Musanze town need to get transfer transport to kinigi.

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