Biking Congo Nile Trail- Rwanda

Rwanda is famous for gorilla tracking in volcanoes national park, chimpanzees tracking in Nyungwe forest national park, golden monkeys and wildlife of Akagera which most travelers tend to crave for while in Rwanda.

However, the Congo Nile trails is one of the new adventure activities that even the average tourist will afford as an alternative to highly priced gorillas or chimpanzees.

The Congo Nile trails is 227 km long that runs along the sparkling stretches of Lake Kivu waters and its clear to get the real meaning of a thousand undulating hills. The trails offer stunning views of beautiful rift valley landscapes, shorelines of Lake Kivu, rolling terraced hills, valleys and green plantations which all immerse you into the Rwandan rural life from a cultural experience view point you will navigate through several villages and towns.

The Congo Nile trail offers biking safaris.

It’s a network of trails and dirt roads that runs from Gisenyi on the northern shores of Lake Kivu then extends from Rubavu continues through Rutsiro via the Karongi and Nyamasheke districts and ends at Rusizi at the southern end of lake kivu covering 227 km.

It takes 10 days to complete the 227 km journey but there are no limits of days one is interested to bike. Bikers can decide to choose from a range of short biking trails such as 1 or 2 days than the roundtrips of 5 or 10 days but all in all you are guaranteed to have an ultimate adventure.

Bikers are advised to be vigilant of other road users like motorcycles, cars and pedestrians. The trail is rated moderate to difficult. There are several shops along the trail to buy food and water. The Rwandan development board provides bikers with maps giving clear directions, distances of all trail sections and elevations, there is nothing like getting lost for self guided bike packers.

Depending on your interest of supplies and logistics, Rwandan adventure cycles have all equipments and gears for hiring including average and big mountain bikes without shocks, spare parts such as tires, bike pumps and a patch kit in case of breakages. While hiring or purchasing a bike make sure to test it yourself.

For what to wear or pack, you will need light items such as sleeping bags, warm clothing, gloves, biking shoes, spare tires and bike pumps, head and knee protective helmets/ bandages, sunglasses, strong head lumps/light, mouth masks to protect dust, neck cloth and packed food or snacks and drinks. This is just little it should never dictate for your favorite pack.
Whether you have less than 5 or 10 days which is the maximum time to complete the trail, you will still find pleasure. There are well serviced camping sites, guest houses and coffee washing stations that offer excellent accommodation and of course friendly and welcoming locals make you feel safe to stay minus worries. Whoop! Picture yourself sleeping under the stars.

You will also need to be physically fit and up for the challenging elevations ranging between 1,440 to 2,630 (highest peak) meters above sea level. Of course this is coupled with varying distances between towns and villages for instance Gisenyi to kibuye is about 120 km and includes a chance to take a boat ride on Lake Kivu after a roundtrip.

Biking along the Congo Nile trail in Rwanda is like a discovery that circles around the globe searching for what you have never tried before. Exploring the Congo Biking trail safaris gives cherished encounters of local people doing their daily activities, markets, schools and churches combined with magnificent sceneries is rewarding as it is demanding balancing two wheels.

There are several ways to explore the Congo Nile trail such as motorcycles, bikes, vehicles but one option will give you wilderness experience by biking/ cycling. Cycling enables you to tour Rwanda, interact with local people, and enjoy physical exercising as you wind down the narrow paths, valleys and hills by the lakeside.

Camping along the trail gives an opportunity to explore the surrounding areas and the experience is rewarding to encounter species of birds such as fowls which are common, white headed cormorants and many more to see for birders. Other activities to enjoy include swimming and resting on the karongi Lake Kivu shore beaches, island tours, waterfalls, canoeing and visiting the churches or coffee stations widens your adventure experience. So far the Congo Nile trails biking safaris is the best in East Africa.

For booking the Congo Nile trails biking safaris, you need to get in touch with Rwandan adventures cycling and the Rwandan development board. These will arrange for you biking trips including side adventures to other tourist attractions in Nyungwe or Giswati forest reserve where you will see primates, chimpanzees, birds and the famous canopy walks. Or you can decide to have full day kayaking activities on Lake Kivu after completing the trail in any given time possible.

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