8 items to pack for a gorilla trekking safari

Planning for gorilla trekking is far different from the experience of going in game drive vehicles rather it requires physical fitness and active hiking over steep terrain. Therefore a gorilla safaris should be planned ahead so as to get prepared for the hairy cousins.


  • Sturdy foot wear such as hiking boots or rubber boots that cover up the ankle-knee joint. It’s so important to be ready for muddy trails, deep trenches, sharp rocks and tangled vegetation. Rubber boots are easily and quickly cleaned and get dry very fast.


  • Gators with wool stockings underneath should also be carried to keep you dry.


  • Long pants made of quick drying material prevent you from stinging nettles and thorny bushes. Gorilla trekking may be easier during dry period however, during the wet season in April to May and October to November; trekkers must wear waterproof pants on top of their normal trousers.


  • Long sleeved shirts or T-shirts for warmth since you are not sure of the time you might spend in the forest. Trekkers usually experience heat during walking but later as the gorillas are found, coldness is assured. It’s also important to have an additional sweater and a waterproof jacket since rain can fall rainfall any time of the day in the gorilla national parks.


  • Trekkers are also recommended to wear a neck towel, bush hut with neck strap or head cover to prevent dew drops or spider webs from your head and face.


  • Gardening gloves are very important since you’ll be griping vegetation with stinging nettles or thorns.


  • Trekkers need a small day pack to keep their cameras and its equipment such as batteries, lenses and or binoculars because photographing gorillas will be a memorable experience. The day pack also keeps your water, food and other items like insect repellent and personal medicine. It is advised to hire a porter at the beginning of the trek so as to assist you hike steep slopes on top of carrying your backpack.


  • Importantly, you must pack enough food and at least 3 liters of drinking water since there are no places to buy your favorite drinks or food once you have entered gorilla national parks. However, most of the lodges or hotels usually pack food for their clients. Energy drinks are also advised to keep you energetic and walk up to the gorilla families.


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